Should You Get a Kindle? Pt. II


I already went through the reasons why I have a Kindle – you can read about it here. (This post will make more sense if you read the first so go on, read it) 

Amongst other things, I mention the fact that books for Kindle are more affordable, especially for those living in Eastern Europe (me!) and in countries where English is not the first language. Cheaper – not VERY CHEAP, mind you – but cheaper than the English books available in bookshops in Europe.

Here comes in the bit of field work I did to back up my statement. In the Vienna International Airport, out of all places.

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Should You Get a Kindle?

Let’s go through a short checklist.

Make a mental YES-note for every statement that applies to you:

–  You read 2+ books per month

–  Most of your reading is in English

–  You travel often 

–  You live in Eastern Europe (or a country where English is not a first language)

–  You are a young professional, interested in books on leadership, business, IT 

–  You are a believer, interested in Christian fiction/non-fiction

–  You do a lot of reading online (articles, blogs, documents)

How many YES-es do you have?

If you have at least 4, then I recommend you get a Kindle, especially if it’s yes to the first 4 statements.

So should you get a Kindle?

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My New Kindle Paperwhite


My Kindle Paperwhite and I, we’re becoming friends.

Hubby bought it for me about a month ago, and I was very excited about it, yet not quite ready to make the change. I’m weird like that – I like new gadgets, yet I’m reluctant to change. Go figure.

It’s only after I sold my older Kindle Keyboard that I had no choice, but to befriend my new reading device. So I started reading a book, and my Paperwhite is growing on me. (Don’t you wish all your problems were of this magnitude?) 

Precisely because I’m only getting used to it, and being nostalgic to boot, today’s post will be leaning towards grumpy. Sorry about that. I’ll try to look at the positives later on, so don’t give up on this article.

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