My New Kindle Paperwhite


My Kindle Paperwhite and I, we’re becoming friends.

Hubby bought it for me about a month ago, and I was very excited about it, yet not quite ready to make the change. I’m weird like that – I like new gadgets, yet I’m reluctant to change. Go figure.

It’s only after I sold my older Kindle Keyboard that I had no choice, but to befriend my new reading device. So I started reading a book, and my Paperwhite is growing on me. (Don’t you wish all your problems were of this magnitude?) 

Precisely because I’m only getting used to it, and being nostalgic to boot, today’s post will be leaning towards grumpy. Sorry about that. I’ll try to look at the positives later on, so don’t give up on this article.


Here’s the changes I don’t like.

No buttons for the next/previous page. I miss them! I was able to hold my Kindle and press these buttons with either hand. Now I can only hold it with my right hand, so I can touch the screen on the right side to go to the next page. Slight inconvenience, but I’m wondering if Amazon might want to bring those buttons back – they’re very reading-friendly and don’t look that bad, either. Please bring them back, Uncle Amazon.

I won’t be sending my recipes to my Kindle. Because the touch screen is much more gentle – I can’t be touching it with greasy hands or drop flour on it (my older Kindle had no problem whatsoever with that!) Alternatively, I can put it in a Ziploc bag, like I do with my iPod, but it would still be a pain to look for the recipes  because of the different way Collections work (see below).

It has no Collection folders. This really helps organising books, and it keeps them in their respective folders, on the front page. On the Paperwhite, Collections work more like tags – I’ve yet to find out how exactly they’re useful. And how do I ever find my notes, except for connecting the Kindle to my computer?

Enough complaining.

Here’s what I like about my Kindle Paperwhite. 

(That, besides the fact that it looks good in pictures, especially as a background to tulips).

Excellently responsive. I am pretty used to Apple devices, so my expectations are high. The Kindle Paperwhite is just as responsive as my iPod touch – which is impressive, considering that it is a much cheaper device.

Glow screen. Not only is the screen crisp – and it is very crisp, especially when put right next to my old Kindle (to be seen here) – but it has an adjustable glow that lets me read in the dark, too. I’ve read before going to bed a few nights and haven’t noticed my eyes hurting. Hubby usually goes to bed way after me, but on occasions when I’m up half the night absorbed in a novel, the glow allows to keep both spouses happy.

Book covers. The fact that I judge books by their cover is exactly that: a fact. I used to browse through book on my iPod Kindle App, choose a book that fit my mood and then read it on my Kindle. (Yes, I’m that shallow.) The covers on the Paperwhite are not colour yet, but you still get a feel for the book – erm, cover.  

TWO more things before I end.

One – my Kindle cover is not half as pretty and girly, but I’m hoping to get a new one when I find one I like. Oh, I miss Gribook Accessories – designing your own Kindle cover is so much more fun than looking for one on Etsy, as fun as that is.

See my now Kindle cover below. Minimal and functional – but with no flowery pretties on it.

Two – hubby Igor and I are leaving LCC International University in about a week. While we were here, 4 students got a Kindle. We helped order a couple, sold one and gave one as a gift. We offered customer initiation and support for all who needed it and shared tips. We recommended, gave and gifted books.

This makes my heart glad, it does. Not because we get anything from Amazon (I wish!)  but because we think that the Kindle is a great device for those who read, and especially in English, and especially if they’re from Eastern Europe/Asia and that it will be a blessing for our friends.

I will gladly expand on these reasons, so let me know if you’re interested in an article on WHO and WHY Should Get a Kindle. 

Do you have a Kindle Paperwhite? How do you like it? 


16 thoughts on “My New Kindle Paperwhite

  1. I never had a kindle or a paperwhite (whatever you call it).
    Actually, I’m not a technology guy at all.
    I love books! I love to browse (or flip) the pages.
    Since I have a kindle application in my phone I started to read few books. I realized that I saved time. I had my phone with me and I was reading it everywhere.
    I was thinking also to order a kindle but it hurts me to see my shelves that will never be filled with books.
    I will have also to handle a “toy” in my hands instead a book.
    So, I would like to here, “WHY SHOULD WE HAVE KINDLES”….


    1. Hi Nikolino,
      Printed books are really beautiful today, and it’s a joy to hold one in your hands. I also prefer flipping pages, and taking in the smell of a new book (one of my favorite smells).

      There is a great advantage for us in having a Kindle. My wife and I have recently moved countries, and we’re moving countries again in a few days – so having a Kindle is really the only way we can have our books with us wherever we go. Our Kindles allow us to take our library (200+ books) wherever we go.

      Another advantage in owning a Kindle is that you can order books from anytime, and for less money. Most Kindle books cost $9.99 and there’s no shipping cost. Also, you don’t need to wait for the books to arrive weeks after you ordered them, if you live in Europe – you get them in a minute after you purchased it.

      There are other reasons as well, such as saving a few more trees from being turned into books. I hope this answers your question, let me know.


      1. So true about the smell. ^_^
        I thought I was the only one that likes the smell of the books.
        As I see, all readers are the same. 🙂
        Yes, you listed good reasons above.
        Fees of the post are very expensive.
        I’ll be thinking about it.
        It is still a hard decision for me.


      2. Nikolino – no worries. Just so you know, we’re not saying everyone should get a Kindle. It’s a useful reading device, but it’s not a must-buy. Getting the Kindle App actually works just as fine. My husband sold his Kindle and now he’s reading on his iPad mini, with the Kindle App. Works perfectly. Like I said in the post, I only wish Amazon would pay us for all the promotion we do on their behalf! We’d be in the Caribbean Islands by now, enjoying the sunshine and reading on our Kindle/iPad, of course!


    2. Nikolino, I see Igor already gave a few good reasons, but I’ll add my own in a later post.
      Just like you, I like books – and I’ve enjoyed having a good library this year at LCC. It’s kinda hard to say whether I enjoy reading on Kindle or reading a book more – I like both! Not that I know how that feels, but it’s like having to decide which child you like best, I guess 🙂 Won’t say more here, but I will say this – however advanced our technology becomes, I hope we will still have hard copy books available. The world would be a sad place without them.
      Hey – thanks for posting, and I’ll get to writing that post soon!


  2. Hi there 😛

    Is there any chance that you’ll write an article with some Kindle tips?

    Welcoma back home, sadly, I will be gone in Romania again 😦 but we can meet in August 🙂


    1. hey Dumitru!
      Good idea, that. I could give quite a few tips for the Keyboard, but not the Paperwhite quite yet. Some things don’t work as smoothly as I was used to – yet. I tried sending an article to my Kindle using Readability, and it didn’t work – which is weird, because I used to send articles to my other Kindle all the time. (I think you do this yourself, right?) So yeah, I’ll need to figure out the Paperwhite first, and then I’ll hopefully have something useful tips to share.
      Hope to see you in August, then!


  3. I do have a Kindle Paperwhite, and I love it, although I agree with all of your negatives about it, so I guess it’s that I love it despite it not being perfect.

    If the price was a lot higher, I might not be quite so forgiving of the imperfections (thinking of the Apple products I’ve purchased – I was always much more irritated when there were things I didn’t like with those).

    I’d love to hear your takes on who should get a kindle and why – I’ve written about ereaders before, but I can easily imagine several additional benefits to them if I weren’t living in a place with easy library/bookstore access to more books in English than I’ll ever read in my lifetime.


    1. That’s a great point, Sheila – the Kindles are great value for their price.

      Oh yes, Kindles are especially useful when you don’t have access to English libraries/bookshops, which is true for most of the world. Both my husband and I read in English a lot and we used to spend quite a bit on books, and even more on shipping. With the Kindles, getting the books we want got a lot easier, and faster.
      We’re buying a lot more books though, I must say! We have 200+ ebooks between the two of us (a lot of them we got for free, or on discount – we’re not millionaires!), which is about the same as our physical personal library, that we built over a few years. Add my husband’s 100+ books on Audible to that, and our “mobile” library is way bigger than our “static” one – we’re definitely geeky bookworms 🙂


  4. I just love you witty writing style, Elena!
    And I want more posts from you whatever they are about! I enjoy reading them, and not because I love you (oh no-no-no), but because they are good, funny, interesting and engaging! So, please more!

    Hey, don’t hurry up with your Kindle cover, ok? Just saying


    1. Thank you, girlie – appreciate it!
      Writing dwindled down as a priority this year, but I’m hoping to do more of it this summer. Now that I’m kinda unemployed, I’ll have more time to read, and write about it, I guess 🙂


  5. I’m a user of Kindle Keyboard and I find hard to switch to a new Kindle. The single probleme is the weight, which become a bigger problem when travelling.

    I would buy Kindle Paperwhite for its build-in light. I dislike so much when evening is coming and I want to continue reading.

    P.S. If someone from Amazon will read this comment, please take in consideration adding ePub format, which is more popular in Europe than Mobi.


    1. hey Ion – multumesc pentru comentariu 🙂

      With my grumbling and all, Paperwhite’s awesome. I’m glad you guys at are making it available for Moldova. Have you had a lot of people ordering it?


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