Should You Get a Kindle?

Let’s go through a short checklist.

Make a mental YES-note for every statement that applies to you:

–  You read 2+ books per month

–  Most of your reading is in English

–  You travel often 

–  You live in Eastern Europe (or a country where English is not a first language)

–  You are a young professional, interested in books on leadership, business, IT 

–  You are a believer, interested in Christian fiction/non-fiction

–  You do a lot of reading online (articles, blogs, documents)

How many YES-es do you have?

If you have at least 4, then I recommend you get a Kindle, especially if it’s yes to the first 4 statements.

So should you get a Kindle?

I’m a YES to all of the above and in response to my article here, I will tell you why I have a Kindle.

I read an average of 5 books/month, some fiction and some non-fiction and I also read a lot of content online (blogs I follow, articles recommended on Twitter, etc.) I read to learn, I read to relax, I read to do research for trainings and seminars – so I need a variety of books to keep up with my reading appetite.

I do most of my reading in English. I don’t have much in the way of explanation, but for the fact that the majority of books I’m interested in are written in English and I prefer to read them in the original language, rather than my native Romanian, beautiful as it is.

In my homecountry of Moldova – which is, for those who do not yet know, in Eastern Europe – books in English are scarce or pricey at best. To get the books I wanted, I had generous friends send them to me from US/UK, American friends lending me books from their personal libraries, and bought books on trips abroad. Guess what I’d say when friends (esp. those coming from the US) would aks me what gift I’d like? Why, yes: books (and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!) Hubby and I tried ordering books on Amazon once and we payed $50+ for just 2 books plus the shipment.

Even so, I managed to put together a personal library of 120+ books in English and Romanian.

When we got married, Hubby and I moved into an apartment, and the 120+ books had to move with us. The landlady was a bit taken aback by the fact that we wanted the TV set out, so we can put books in its place, but it had to be done. When we moved to Lithuania, the books could not possibly move with us, so they got hauled back to my parents’ place. I missed them, but by that time I already had 50+ books on my Kindle, so the loss didn’t make itself felt.

In Lithuania, as resolved as we were not to buy hard-copy books, we still managed to ship back about 20 of them, but we have about 200+ books and articles on our Kindle/iPad, that travelled effortlessly with us and kept us company during the long waits in airports.

All this to say that it is much easier to buy the books we’re interested in on Kindle.

A favourite book blogger recommended the food memoir Maman’s Homesick Pie, which was on discount – I bought it in minutes and enjoyed it a lot a couple weeks after – thank you for the recommendation, Sheila from The Deliberate Reader!

My mentor and friend Nancy mentioned she is reading The Prayer Circle and recommends it – I bought it almost immediately, read it and Hubby just finished reading it, too.

I was preparing for a seminar on Gandhi’s life, so I looked up biographies on Amazon and bought his Autobiography: My Experiments With the Truth, which helped understand the man behind the leader.

When my dear friend Heidi’s birthday came, I wanted to give her a gift even though we were miles apart. So I bought her a book for Kindle, that she got by e-mail in minutes (maybe seconds) – and could start reading right away.

I wanted to buy a graduation gift for dear friends, Anna and Anton – so I made a gift card for them and bought them each a Kindle book of choice, that they could take back to their home countries without risking to pay for extra luggage.

If any of you wants to give me a book as a gift, you can also buy it for Kindle and send it my way, no matter where in the world you are. Yes, I’m hinting shamelessly.

Why Kindle? Again, I don’t get anything for writing this article (if only I did!), so sorry if you feel like I’m trying to sell it to you. I’m just trying to present you with the benefits as I experience them, so you can make your choice.

Personally, I think Amazon has a tremendous collection of books on anything you can possibly be interested in. There was no book I wasn’t able to find – some older ones are not published in ebook edition yet, but most newer ones and the classics are. They often have deals and even free books for a limited amount of time, which I take advantage of.

Also, it is affordable – $70 for a Kindle 4 is a worthwhile investment.

If you can’t afford a Kindle, your best option is getting the free Kindle App. It’s available for your computer, for your smartphone or tablet of any kind. You can still buy the books if you have an Amazon account and do pretty much everything else that the device allows, but on your own device.

Hubby has a Kindle App on his iPad Mini and he uses it more than he uses his iBooks, from what I noticed. I almost never read on my Mac’s or iPod’s Kindle App, but I probably would if I didn’t have a Kindle!

Another alternative is audiobooks – for which you might want to consider getting an Audible account – Hubby’s quite a fan, and you can read about it here.

Wow. Some of you read this far in the article! I appreciate this.

How did you do on the checklist? Is it worth geting a Kindle? 


13 thoughts on “Should You Get a Kindle?

  1. One word: nostalgia. I read a couple of books on my ipod, and it wasn’t too bad. I managed to get connected to the story. But I really feel a strong longing for dead trees. In the end, I think I can get the best of both worlds reading non-fiction digitally and fiction physically. This is personal; I still think Kindles are a revolution in reading.


    1. I’m with you. Books and ebooks can and should coexist. I’m actually reading a series now that I have half on Kindle, half in my physical library – it works!
      Laughed at how you put it: “I feel a strong longing for dead trees” 🙂


  2. I still couldn’t figure out how to send articles on my Kindle! I tried readability several times, but it didn’t work =(

    Downloading the Kindle App for my mom now! =)


    1. Let me check on that, Anna, and maybe send a little tutorial your way. I used Readability to send articles to my Keyboard a lot, but haven’t figured it out for Paperwhite yet.


  3. I don’t really like books, nor do I like reading very much but I like having knowledge and that I’ll have to get from reading…. soooo I read. But not 2 books a month. Maybe 1 book in 2 months !!!! … maybe….. LOL. I have a kindle and I like it, because I actually read more than one book at a time… I don’t know if that’s good or not…!? I carry my kindle with me everywhere and any time I have just a couple of minutes free while waiting on someone or whatever.. I take out the kindle and read. Well,… that’s it. I like having a kindle.


    1. Adriana – you not liking books is surprising, because I read a couple of great book because you recommended them. The one I remember most is Visioneering, by Andy Stanley – the seminar you taught from that stayed with me for a long time (still does!)


  4. Thank you for sharing Elena!
    You’re blog is always worth reading for…
    And yes, lastly I noticed that I’m reading more through my kindle app than from the printed books 😀
    Be blessed!
    Kosta, Nikolino


    1. Thank you, Nikolino. Your support is very much appreciated at this end.
      One more thing – would you like to take a few pics with book in your beautiful Albania?
      A couple a friends took pics with books in their home countries (you might know Anna and Anton, recent LCC graduates), so we started a little campaign with books on different corners of the world. If you’d like to do that, then either post them on FB and tag me, or send them my way!
      Thanks and blessings to you, too!


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