What Are You Reading Now?


Summer reading is best done outside and with a bowl of fresh fruit to snack on.

This I do plenty of, varying between a bowl of strawberries freshly picked from the garden, and a mix of summer berries, cherries and all sorts of yummies – summer reads are positively delicious!

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Minsk: A Book Tour

A bunch of friends and I started Book-ing  the World: a book tour of the world. Plainly put, we take pictures of books in our corner of the world. Because we come from different corners of the world, we’ll soon have a big chunk of the planet covered. You can check more of the pics on the Gribook Creative FB Page.

On that same note, here’s a GUEST POST from the beautiful Anna book-ing Minsk. Enjoy! 

My dearest friend Elena has a natural talent in inspiring people. She inspired me to read more this year and come back to my bookworm part of character that got lost somewhere in the university papers. She also inspired me to get a Kindle. And recently she inspired me to create a bookish bond between the cities of the world. I decided to send her the photographic Kindle tour of the city I recently moved to live in.

I am a Belarusian, was born in Minsk and lived there for 18 years. After that I moved to Lithuania for 4 years to pursue my BA studies, but now I am finally back to Minsk again. And I am honored to look at my city through the eyes of a “newcomer” and a technology geek.

So I took my Kindle for a walk around my favorite street reading places in Minsk. 

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