Minsk: A Book Tour

A bunch of friends and I started Book-ing  the World: a book tour of the world. Plainly put, we take pictures of books in our corner of the world. Because we come from different corners of the world, we’ll soon have a big chunk of the planet covered. You can check more of the pics on the Gribook Creative FB Page.

On that same note, here’s a GUEST POST from the beautiful Anna book-ing Minsk. Enjoy! 

My dearest friend Elena has a natural talent in inspiring people. She inspired me to read more this year and come back to my bookworm part of character that got lost somewhere in the university papers. She also inspired me to get a Kindle. And recently she inspired me to create a bookish bond between the cities of the world. I decided to send her the photographic Kindle tour of the city I recently moved to live in.

I am a Belarusian, was born in Minsk and lived there for 18 years. After that I moved to Lithuania for 4 years to pursue my BA studies, but now I am finally back to Minsk again. And I am honored to look at my city through the eyes of a “newcomer” and a technology geek.

So I took my Kindle for a walk around my favorite street reading places in Minsk. 

A lot of people still have an unjustified prejudice that Minsk is a Soviet city, meaning that the buildings, the street style, the atmosphere are still Soviet. Well, these people have not updated their prejudice list for quite a while. As a new Minsk visitor, who has been absent for 4 years (with only small visits), I have all the rights to say that Minsk is a vibrant, developing, quite European city that moves in a very good direction!

To support this idea and to break the stereotype I have decided to take pictures of Minsk in a sunny (!!!) weather, with the new (for Minsk) technology – the Kindle and an English book open on the device! Before, this thought wouldn’t cross my mind, but I do think that small details like that can change perspectives. For instance, Minsk citizens are still shocked when they see someone reading or talking in English. If they would be exposed to that more often, they could come to peace with this difference eventually. So I guess not only what we read matters, but also how we do it can bring change.  What do you think?

Well, let’s finally see what I’ve got from the walk!

I started with my most favorite part of the Old Town – The Trinity Suburb (Traeckaje Pradmestje). This is a reconstructed small area with old-looking buildings, paved roads, hidden yards and nice atmosphere, situated right at the foot of the river Svisloch in the heart of Minsk.  

The book opened is the devotional Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young – the date is inaccurate of course. =)

The next picture is taken in the same place, but in one of those hidden yards with cozy stairs on which one can sit and read, and lots of green and lilac adding to the secluded atmosphere.

Minsk is really bright and beautiful during summer. The next picture shows it pretty well, it’s been taken near the Svisloch River from the beautiful hill that overlooks the Old Town.

Following my favorite route, I went to take a photo of the beautiful Opera and Ballet Theatre!

During my second day in Belarus I went out to read and journal in the city. I ended up sitting on the bench by this Theatre. Random people were passing by to finish the business downtown, and I felt the freedom of being lonely in the big city. If even there are lots of people, there’s still room for privacy and solitude (especially in the company of a good book).

Talking about good books. Right now I’m finishing Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky and I enjoy it a lot. The plot is very engaging and unpredictable; the philosophical part makes me think about many aspects of life, prayer, and love towards people.

By the way, the topic of love has just been in the air of my reading and thinking now. No, I do not mean the “a girl and a boy” type of love, but rather love towards people in general. I’ve been studying Spiritual Gifts and 1st Corinthians talks a lot about love between the members of the church. Dostoevsky writes about sacrificial and passionate love also. I’ve been also reading C.S.Lewis’ Four Loves where he discusses what different kind of attitudes and decision we can have towards people and objects. Lastly, I am reading Max Lucado’s Love Worth Giving, built on Corinthians 13 famous passage, he tries to explain how you cannot give out true love towards people until you understand what kind of love you yourself have received from God. Lastly #2, one of the churches I visit has the series of sermons devoted to 1st Corinthians 13 passage about love…Is God trying to tell me something here? I don’t know!

Back to Minsk and the final photo with our Kindle guide – the beautiful Church area in downtown Nemiga district. Can you imagine, how beautiful it is at night when all of these round lights come about?

Ok, our tour has come to an end, hope you are inspired to take your book or Kindle for a walk in the city or wherever you are, cause reading outside is bliss!

Wasn’t this great? To read about the Minsk Book Tour in Russian, go to Anna’s Blog: DreamingAnn.  


One thought on “Minsk: A Book Tour

  1. My daughter (3rd grade) and I just read the Mississippi book toeehtgr. It was wonderful for both of us. She was diagnosed with dyslexia about 1 week ago and learning more about it helped me to realize why things like reading, spelling, handwriting and math facts and word problems were always so difficult for me. It was a very empowering book. Thank you. We will check out the others too.


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