Henri Nouwen on Leadership


I was reading The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen and while the book is about ministering and spirituality, there’s a thought on leadership I stumbled upon.

There is a hardly a man or a woman who does not exercise some leadership over other men or women. Among parents and children, teachers and students, bosses and employees, many different patterns of leadership can be found. In less formal settings – playgrounds, street gangs, academic and social societies, hobby and sports clubs – we also see how much of our life is dependent on the way leadership is given and accepted.

I find myself agreeing – leadership is not always larger-than-life, idol-type occurrence – it happens at every stage in life, in different settings and with different actors.

Leadership is an indelible part of life. Sometimes we’re on one side of it – leading, some others- at the other end – being led. Like I mentioned before, we need to learn to do both well.

On a similar note, I’ve been pondering quite a bit on success. What exactly is it, this success? I don’t have a definite answer to this (and a lifetime to figure it out). But the quote below is a good attempt at an answer. Thought I’d share it.


Oh, and before I forget: I’m posting almost daily on the Gribook Creative FB Page. There’s pictures I take of books, and posters I design with quotes and thoughts and encouragements. As I learn photography and design, I’m sharing the process and the results with you. Do have a look! 

 Any thoughts? On leadership, on success, on life? 


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