Hello There, Vacation!


Nevermind that I’m currently unemployed – erm… a freelance bookworm, I mean to say – I’m off on vacation!

In all fairness, I did have a busy year and hubby Igor even more so – he travelled on business trips for more than 2 months in total since the beginning of the year – so this has been a long awaited time to get away and rest.

Before we go, there’s a few things I want to let you with:

100 posts!

I posted blog no. 100 a couple weeks ago, without much fanfare. It’s been two years of blogging for me. And while power, money and fame are still finding their way to me – it’s a small accomplishment and I’m grateful for it. When I was only considering starting a blog, hubby said that it’s worthwhile only if I see myself writing 100 posts on books/reading. And I did.

I’m grateful for all the books I read, all the impressions I shared, all the projects that have sprung out of this Gribook adventure (see Gribook Accessories and Gribook Creative), and most of all, for the lovely interactions I had with you fellow bookworms. I really enjoy those – so please comment on, you make my days!

Book-ing the World

This little campaign we started (Anna and I) is plenty fun, and I keep getting pictures with books and Kindles from all over the world. We have Thailand, Odessa, Minsk, Bucharest, Ocean City, France, Greece, Kyrgystan and Lithuania so far. And Nikolino took an album-full of great pics, that we’ll share with you in a future blogpost.

If you flip through the Booking the World album, you’ll notice that many of the pictures are by the waterside: lakes, oceans, seas. Let’s have some mountains and forests and cities, please! Send me your pictures on Gribook Creative, and I’ll add them to the collection.

Check the Book-ing the World album on FB. 

Gribook Creative

Just a reminder that I post on my Gribook Creative FB Page more often than I do here. You’ll find pics with books there, and lately, designs of quotes and Bible verses. I’m investing more in learning about design, so I’m experimenting with styles and mediums.

Do check what I’ve posted there. I’ll be taking time off  and won’t be posting there for this vacation, but there’s enough photos to look at (and like! and share! and comment on!) to last you for the 3 weeks.

Another thing I’m very excited about is the fact that my attempts at bookish creativity are encouraging others, too. I’m happy to present you with the edits that my friend Danocika made (her DLR Photography page here)


Stefan is someone I met through Gribook Creative, and here’s his very cool edit (originally posted here):


You did such a great job on these, you two – my first edits weren’t nearly as good, so keep at it!

Instagram: eputina

Because this is much quicker, I am likely to post on Instagram even during this time away from the world wide web. One of the things I’m learning about design is how to do it on a mobile device, where I take the pic, edit it and add text to it much quicker – so I’ll be posting those as I make them.

You can follow me on instagram here: http://instagram.com/eputina

On my to-read list

Reading will be taking a big slice of my vacation time. So what am I taking with me?

Marta’s Legacy
Francine Rivers

Mr. Darcy’s Daughters
Elizabeth Aston

Miss Marple Complete Short Stories
Agatha Christie

I’m currently reading my way through Confessions of a Prayer Slacker, by Diane Moody and Simply Jesus, by N.T.Wright – so I’m still to finish those.

Now that all this is said, I will wish you a wonderful three weeks and looking forward to getting back in touch with you when I’m back!


2 thoughts on “Hello There, Vacation!

    1. Oh no, we’re off for a week, then coming back and off somewhere else for a few days – it’ll be a time of coming and going for the 3 weeks, so I won’t be blogging much (at all). And thank you, girlie! Appreciate the support, and especially your support. love


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