The Prayer of Jabez


Small books – say, 50-60 pages long – can contain ideas just as big and life-changing as their more sizable counterparts. It’s not the first time I say this.

The Prayer of Jabez, by Bruce Wilkinson is precisely such a book.

The Prayer of Jabez

Bruce Wilkinson

The Prayer of Jabez focuses solely on the story of Jabez (surprise!) as told at the begining of 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 and mostly consisting of his request to God. A four-verses-prayer that dares us to pray bolder.

Don’t ask me why it took me so long to read it, I know it was popular ages ago. The important thing is that I did read it, it echoed some thoughts I read in The Prayer Circle, by Mark Batterson about a year ago.

Most importantly, it was a bit of a wake-up call for me. 

Lately, I’ve been praying small. This is a time of in-between for me, and I’ve been praying for God’s daily provision, but in modest amounts. Praying for survival, I call it.

I’ve been dreaming small. Not the night-time dreams kind, but the plans and desires for the now and for the tomorrow. They’re daring, but nothing beyond the limitations of my talents, skills and experience.

Bruce Wilkinson put my current prayers and dreams in a compact equation-type form:


Replace “territory” with “opportunities/dreams/ministry/influence” and you get the picture.

In The Prayer of Jabez, we’re told that when we pray big and daring prayers, the following equation is much more accurate:


This messed up my prayer world, in the best way.



6 thoughts on “The Prayer of Jabez

  1. First, I wanna know HOW it messed up your world. Please, share your thought in the next Monday letter you’re gonna send to me =)

    Second, I am sooo interested to read both of these books. I’ve been thinking about prayer for a long time now. I seem to not really GET IT about prayer…I mean the real supernaturality (hehe) of it.

    Third, you need to write more often. The world needs your thoughts and reviews.

    Fourth, I love you


    1. Love you too!
      And you make me smile! (Wait, that’s second 😉
      And third of all (:P) – thank you A TON for the support and for waiting patiently for me to discipline myself enough to write a blogpost and do some design for it 🙂

      Books on Prayer? The Prayer Circle one that’s on sale now is great, but it’s not the basics. It’s about dreaming big and praying bigger. And the Prayer of Jabez is something like that, too. They’re both VERY inspiring, though – I needed the push in my prayer life, and I think everyone needs it every now and then.

      A great book on prayer I read about 2 years ago is A Praying Life – beautiful, beautiful book about the basics of prayer, and more. And you know, I need to go back to the basics often – or else I just start going through the motions.

      I have a document with highlights from A Praying Life – shall I send them your way?

      Thanks again for the comment and the support, girlie!


  2. I love this article,Elena…I haven’t read the book,but I heard Bruce Wilkinson teach on the “Prayer of Jabez”.The equations you provided in this post helped me see and understand the whole picture better ,as the things that he taught about came back to my mind.Also,your post really captured my attentio, as this is a subject I’ve been meditating on quite often, lately.Thank you! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Cristina!
      I’ll have to look up the video you mention on Youtube. This prayer (and book) is one that I need to come back to again and again – it’s always relevant!


  3. Elenachka!
    You have a great power to inspire me to read books that I have never heard of!! This book has caught my attention and I hope to read it once I have some of the challenges behind me:)

    I can’t wait to read your posts, Elena! Please don’t stop writing and write MORE! Don’t keep it only to yourself, YOU!:)))



    1. Sarunechka!
      How did I miss this comment from you?
      I hope you’re managed to get hold of Prayer of Jabez – it’s a very short, but powerful book.
      Sending a huge hug your way, Miss Sunshine!


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