Gribook Accessories is back!


You read that right:

We are re-launching Gribook Accessories!

You can find us at the same location, on our Facebook Page:

Gribook Accessories FB Page

With all team members in different countries, we had to close shop about a year back. Now we’re back in Moldova and we have an even bigger team working on bookish prettiness for you.

Book Sleeves have probably been the most missed – this is what our dear customers have been telling us – so this is where we decided to start. We’re back to the Book Sleeve making business!

We’ll be making Kindle and iPad Sleeves in the following weeks, if we see a need for them. So if you need one, drop us a note – we might start making them sooner.

Enough with the technicalities. Let me tell you about how you can win two polka dotted Book Sleeves.



UPDATE: The winner of our Book Sleeves is Elena Scutaru – congratulations, girl!

We’ve missed you so we’ll reward you, our dear customer who’s already the happy owner of a GA Book Sleeve.

You can win TWO BOOK SLEEVES. Polka dotted cuties that we will not be having for sale.

Here’s how you enter the giveaway:

1. Find the GA Book Sleeves Album on our FB Page

2. Tag yourself in your Book Sleeve Photo

3. Comment on how you like your Book Sleeve

We’ll be choosing the winner  on  Thursday, October 17 so you have some time, but not too much.

If you don’t have one of our Book Sleeves yet, you can order one on our Order Page and proceed with the Giveaway steps once your order is confirmed!

Order here:

You have two patterns to choose from, but there’ll be more soon, so keep checking!

Good. All the best with the giveaway and take a look at some of our pics.


How do you like them?


4 thoughts on “Gribook Accessories is back!

  1. just a EVERYTHING you do – they are amazing! I so love the photos, the logo, the product itself…I wanna cry, so overwhelmed I am!


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