A Bookworm Who Doesn’t Read


This is me at the moment: a bookworm who doesn’t read.

It’s a little pathetic, really. Because I have at least 5 books on my Currently Reading list, because I have at least 3 books I recently bought and are waiting for their turn, and a dozen others I’ve bought ages ago and still haven’t read.

Even more pathetic because I’m actually running a business that has a lot to do with reading: we make and sell Book Sleeves! (This might not be a good time for me to say this, but you should check out Gribook Accessories).

My love for books has not decreased, but I have less and less time for them. So what is happening? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but between running a business, learning design, doing life and playing Hay Day, I have little to no time to read. Do I need to say pathetic again?

How do I get back on track with my reading?

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