Last Giveaway of the Year

gribook: giveawayI talked about the best Christmas Presents for Bookworms in my last post.

It’s only fitting that I make such a gift to one of you. Of course, you have to prove that you’re a true bookworm first. Side note: I have no idea what a “true bookworm” would actually mean, but I had to say something, right? 

This is a closed Giveaway. —

— Congratulations to the Winner, Elena Nahaba!

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5 Gift Ideas for Bookworms

gribook: gift ideasLet me take a wild guess: you’re not prepared for Christmas quite yet. There’s still plans to arrange, outfits to decide on, and gifts to buy.

Gifts to buy – let’s stop here, because this is where I can help.

I have 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Bookworms.

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Gribook Accessories: A Different Kind of Reading, A Different Kind of Book

gribook accessories 1 Do you remember school days, when teachers asked you to cover your textbooks, so you don’t damage them? The infamous plastic covers, trivial and uninspiring, now have the chance to be replaced by something way more creative and beautiful. We’re not talking only textbooks here, but our favourite books, too. These become more interesting when you cover them in handmade Book Sleeves from Gribook Accessories. Made out of a variety of fabrics with unique pattern, the sleeves made by Elena and her team give a new life to the dull covers of books, as well as other reading gadgets.

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The $100 Book Splurge


You don’t want to see my Wishlist on Amazon.

This, for a couple of reasons.

One: it’s long, and I mean looooooooooooong. Second: it’s a crazy maze that even I get lost in. Hubby and I share it, so besides a portable photostudio (I want one!) and a bunch of Board Games (we both want those!), you’ll find a diversity of books as different as men and women are. Books on Programming, Writing, Design, Business, Science Fiction, Biographies, Romance, Relationships, Chernobyl (guess who wants that one!) … it’s easy to miss something so I won’t even try to give you an exhaustive list.

Which is why I wanted to create an alternate Wishlist and asked myself:

What are the books I would get for myself if I had $100 to spend freely?

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Books I’m Grateful For

Thanksgivings Day is the one holiday that if I could, I’d have the whole world celebrate. Every day.

I’m surprised we’re celebrating Halloween and Valentine’s Day in Moldova – don’t ask me why! – but Thanksgivings Day hasn’t caught on.

Thanksgiving creates abundance. ~ Ann Voskamp

As I was counting my blessings last week, I couldn’t miss books. I’m grateful for books – period. But I’m also grateful for some books more than others. And this is the day they get mentioned in the Gribook Hall of Fame and Gratitude.

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