Books I’m Grateful For

Thanksgivings Day is the one holiday that if I could, I’d have the whole world celebrate. Every day.

I’m surprised we’re celebrating Halloween and Valentine’s Day in Moldova – don’t ask me why! – but Thanksgivings Day hasn’t caught on.

Thanksgiving creates abundance. ~ Ann Voskamp

As I was counting my blessings last week, I couldn’t miss books. I’m grateful for books – period. But I’m also grateful for some books more than others. And this is the day they get mentioned in the Gribook Hall of Fame and Gratitude.

The Bible

No other book has shaped me like the Bible has. It’s my go-to for comfort, wisdom, encouragement and hope.

I’m reading through one of my favourite books in the Bible these days – Isaiah. The first half of the book talks about the sinfulness and rebelliousness of Israel – and God’s wrath. The second part is about his mercy, and there nothing quite as beautiful as God’s mercy, His compassion and abundant forgiveness, His luxurious redemption. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Because I’ve lived – because I’m living – God’s grace every single day.

For God’s living Word, for His mercies that are renewed every day, I’m grateful!

Mere Christianity

A book my friend Nancy gave me when I was going through a pretty rough time. It’s more than a book on apologetics – it’s Lewis writing beautifully and clearly on Christian faith and a Christian’s walk. By the time I read this book, I read numerous glimpses of it quoted in other Christian (and even secular) books. Reading Mere Christianity left me re-affirmed in my faith, re-inspired in my faithfulness and refreshed in my adoration of Christ. It’s about time I give it another read.

My gratitude for Mere Christianity is twofold. One, because of the above reason, and second: because it opened up the world of C.S.Lewis. I read The Chronicles of Narnia in a week, and The Space Trilogy (I’m still to read the last book in that series), but also The Screwtape Letters, The Four Loves, Till We Have Faces. There’s other titles I’m still to read – which brings up the question: what am I waiting for?

For books that shape and grow me in my understanding of my God andย my faith, as well as for mentors who teach me along the way, I’m grateful!ย 

What’s So Amazing About Grace

Another book Nancy gave me, with the mention “You’ll like this as much as C.S.Lewis.” Which made me skeptical, yet curious. Nancy was right.

I knew about grace before reading this – I’ve heard of it. The beauty of it I failed to see. Yancey’s concise, but artful writing opened up my eyes – and heart – to precisely that, the beauty and the generosity of grace. It was overwhelming, the realisation of it – and you should expect that when you read the book – but a realisation that slowly but assuredly set in.

For God’s merciful grace, and for the people who’ve shown grace to me over the years, I’m grateful!

The Shack

I know this book is controversial and I don’t claim that it’s all theologically sound or that it is to be taken literally. But I’ll tell you what this book did for me. It reminded of God’s immeasurable, healing love. It left me longing for more of God in my life, in my heart, craving for His Father-love. I was moving from reading to praying all while I was going through this book. Isn’t that what any good Christian book should do: draw us closer to the very heart of God?

For this and the many other books that made me fall in love with Christ all over again, I’m grateful!

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

This book is from a whole different category from the ones above – it’s light-hearted fiction, the kind of book that you read to give your mind a little vacation. It is about a lady in Botswana who starts making her living as a private detective – and she makes a mighty good one, too. This is the book that reminded me what reading for pleasure is. It seems like somewhere along the way I forgot all about that. Then Alexander McCall Smith’s books showed up, introduced by my friend Joan, and I was hooked.

For friends and the books they introduced me to, I’m grateful!

What books are you grateful for?ย 


12 thoughts on “Books I’m Grateful For

  1. I am reading “What’s so amazing about grace” . I am only half way through, but this book is important to me already! I have so little grace that i give to people and to myself, so it is a good reminder and heart changer.

    I am grateful for the Idiot by Dostoevsky – to me this book is so full of light and sort of rebirth. I try to read it every year, we have a special relationship :).
    Also, the Lust for Life by Irving Stone – just for how inspirational it is.
    For the Bible, of course – it is just the food without which I wreck really quickly.


    1. I’m so glad you’re reading What’s So Amazing about Grace – it’s life-changer this book, isn’t it? One of the things Yancey said in this book that stayed with me is this: “Light only gets in through cracks.” So simple, yet so profound. And very C.S.Lewis-esque ๐Ÿ™‚

      Lust for Life is a book I want to read ever since you mentioned it. And I’m so impressed by your love for the Russian Classics, makes me wish I was more drawn to them than I am ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I am so inspired. Inspired by what you said about the Bible, and C.S.Lewis. I want to read The Space Trilogy, from the things you told me about the book it sounds like one I would be grateful for.

    I am grateful for all of the books you mentioned (except the last one, since I haven’t read it yet). Let me add the following books:

    Ender’s Game – For keeping me glued to my iPod (audiobook) and making me miss meals and sleep at night.

    The Millionaire Next Door – For teaching me that the best things in life are free, and I don’t have to spend money but save them instead.

    Redeeming Love – For showing me how love and grace can heal, and for insights in God’s love and His sacrifice for us.

    The Art of Manliness: Manvotionals – A book I am so grateful for, and recommend it to men. The book is a collection of writings on the virtues of men by emperors, philosophers, business people and political leaders.

    There are more, but these I could think of now.


  3. I read 2 of the books you’re grateful for! I might read The Millionaire Next Door at some point. But probably not The Art of Manliness – I have no desire to excel in this area ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. -I am grateful for the Bible my daily bread.
    -I am grateful for “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. It was my daily dessert for 42 days. ๐Ÿ™‚
    God bless!


    1. You read this, Nikolino! How did I miss your comment?
      I almost thought of including The Purpose Driven Life there, too – it’s the first Christian book I ever bought! It was a blessing at a time when I had very scarce Christian growth resources available.
      Have you read Redeeming Love, the book Igor mentions in his comment? You should, it is incredibly good!


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