The $100 Book Splurge


You don’t want to see my Wishlist on Amazon.

This, for a couple of reasons.

One: it’s long, and I mean looooooooooooong. Second: it’s a crazy maze that even I get lost in. Hubby and I share it, so besides a portable photostudio (I want one!) and a bunch of Board Games (we both want those!), you’ll find a diversity of books as different as men and women are. Books on Programming, Writing, Design, Business, Science Fiction, Biographies, Romance, Relationships, Chernobyl (guess who wants that one!) … it’s easy to miss something so I won’t even try to give you an exhaustive list.

Which is why I wanted to create an alternate Wishlist and asked myself:

What are the books I would get for myself if I had $100 to spend freely?

Isn’t that one of the best questions in the world? Here’s what I’d buy, all of them for the Kindle:

David and Goliath,
Malcolm Gladwell

I read all Gladwell titles so far, so count me in as a fan. This book I particularly look forward to, because Gladwell found his way back to faith while writing it.

– $11, 99        

Bought it! Read it! 

The $100 Startup
, Chris Guillebeau

As a Creative Entrepreneur, I am all for starting lean. This book is right up my alley. My only question is: is the $12 I pay for the book included in the $100 or not? I mean, this is a business investment too, right?

 – $11, 99

Bought it! Read it! 

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess
, Jen Hatmaker

Including this book here is ironic. Because I have 20+ books I have bought and still haven’t read and I have a feeling that there’s a certain chapter in this book called “Excess is When You Write a Blogpost on Buying Books When You Already Have a Ton of Books Still Waiting to be Read”

What? There’s no such chapter in the book? I’m buying it, then!

Bought it! Read it! 

– $5,71

Bread and Wine
, Shauna Niequist

A book recommended by my friends Anna and Anton, and Sheila from The Deliberate Reader. It’s a book about food and community, they tell me – both of which are dear to my heart. (Picture courtesy of Danielle)

Bought and read! A delightful and delicious book. 

 – $9, 99

Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories
, Agatha Christie

Let the Agatha Christie craze continue. Although I personally prefer Miss Marple, the unlikely sleuth, this collection of Hercule Poirot stories seems like good value for the money. My current choice for fiction.

– $11,99          

GOT IT!  (Thanks to Anna and the Sisterhood bunch!)

How much do we have already?  $48, 33 exactly. On we go!

, Walter Isaacson

Einstein is someone I admire, but don’t know a great deal about. There are many biographies of his out there, but having read Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, I think he’ll do him justice. Hubby will probably read this,too.

– $11, 99

Sparkly Green Earrings, Melania Shankle

“A must-read for anyone who’s ever had a child or even thought about it.” I’m thinking about it. I must read it. That’s all I’ll say about it.

– $10,09

Likeable Social Media, Dave Kerpen

As much of Gribook Accessories, my small business, happens online – at least the marketing part – this will be a useful read. Hopefully not too packed with manipulative tactics, but sensible ways to make your voice heard.

– $13, 69

I cannot possible go on a book-buying spree without getting at least one book for hubby. Out of the many on our shared Wishlist, I’d go with this one:

The Leader’s Code
, Donovan Campbell

He’s a leader, my hubby. One who never seizes to grow and learn, which is way this book’s bound to be useful at some point in life.

– $13, 84


What do I have left? $2, 06  – just enough for a $1,99 book, so let me find one. Here it is:

Even Now
, Karen Kinsgbury

This is what I call a good price for a novel. I’m too frugal to spend too much money on a book that I’m probably going to only read once and can’t pass on to someone else. As this is true for most fiction, I rarely spend more than $5 – you can even make that $3 – and I usually wait for deals.


That was fun! It’s like these books belong to me already. I mentioned them on my blog, price tag and all – that gives me some form of ownership, doesn’t it? An ownership that is way lighter on our budget.

Please fell free to consult this list when considering what Christmas presents to get for me (*hint *hint). Even if I get a double of one of them, Amazon can give me the money back and I can get another book, so shop away!

Meanwhile, I’ll update this list with a “GOT IT!”  as I buy one by one. Which is the sensible thing to do: not binge book-shop, but buy them as I finish reading the ones I already own. Can I get a pat on the back for being such a good, sensible bookworm?

What’s on your list? You have the money (as virtual as they come), what book would you buy?


5 thoughts on “The $100 Book Splurge

    1. Yes, that’s the one I mentioned Anna! Thank you – I’m looking forward to it 🙂 And you know what else? I miss you, I miss hanging out with you and sharing some good reading time. Hug!


  1. I wish I had $ 100… 😀

    I would buy all the series of “Being God’s Man….” by Arterburn, Stephen
    …and of course some of Karen Kingsbury books. ^_^


    1. Haha Nikolino – sadly, most people don’t necessarilly buy books, even if they do have $100. So in your case, it’s the thought that counts 🙂
      You need to check Igor’s comment to my previous post – Books I’m Grateful For – he mentions a few great reads for guys, both fiction and non-fiction. He’s been too busy to write a full-fledged blog post, but that list should give you some idea of his reading preferences.


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