5 Gift Ideas for Bookworms

gribook: gift ideasLet me take a wild guess: you’re not prepared for Christmas quite yet. There’s still plans to arrange, outfits to decide on, and gifts to buy.

Gifts to buy – let’s stop here, because this is where I can help.

I have 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Bookworms.

While I say Bookworms, they will make wonderful gifts for a much wider range of friends and family. They will also do marvellously in any White Elephant or Secret Santa or whatever other type of Gift Exchange.

The best thing about them? You can buy them online! No hassle + gifts that will put a smile on a bookworm’s face = pure joy.

Yes, I know you’re ready to see the list now. Here it is, in ascending order, according to their price per item.

1. Bookmark

gribook: BookmarkA fabric bookmark is a pretty, yet extremely affordable gift. So affordable, that you can easily buy a bunch of them and just hand them out to friends as a little something to tell them that they’re special. Even better than its price is the fact that a bookmark will always make itself useful, whether in a book, a Planner or a Journal.

Gribook Accessories Bookmarks HERE.

2. Book

gribook: Books

These are the obvious gift for a bookworm. If you’re in Moldova, I have the best online library to recommend to you: Bestseller.md! You can order books in Romanian, Russian and even English and they are delivered to your door, which is just so convenient. Be on the lookout for their Christmas deals for books, ebooks and even Kindles – Bestseller has plenty!

Of course, there are many other options for books. Amazon is my go-to for books and ebooks in English, and there are many physical bookshops you can get books from. Really, you’ve no excuse: buy and give a book as a gift.

3. Book Sleeve

gribook: Book Sleeves

I’ve yet to meet someone who got a Book Sleeve as a gift and was not SUPER DUPER THRILLED. I’m afraid “thrilled” doesn’t cut it. A Book Sleeve by Gribook Accessories is made out of fabric – very pretty fabric – that not only protects your book, but also adds a note of style and cosiness. Make that a ton of cosiness.

It’s not a gift someone expects or puts on their wish list – because most people haven’t heard of Book Sleeves. But when they see one, there’s no turning back: they want it and they want it badly. Seriously, if you have a bookworm friend, you cannot go wrong with a Book Sleeve as a Christmas Gift.

Gribook Accessories Booksleeve HERE

4. Kindle

gribook: Kindle

If you’re in doubt whether your friend actually needs a Kindle or not, you might want to check out my Should You Get a Kindle? post. It’ll help.

While this is a more expensive gift that you’ll probably only give to bookworms closer to you, it will be an appreciated one. I got my first Kindle as a wedding gift and I don’t think I could do without one, even though I still read hard copy books.

While you’re at it, you might want to also buy them a Kindle Sleeve – what do you know? Gribook Accessories makes them. Sneaky my, huh?

Gribook Accessories Kindle Sleeves HERE

5. Bookletta

gribook: Bookletta

If you’re friend happens to be both a bookworm and a fashionista – Bookletta makes the perfect present. It’s a trendy handbag with a special transparent pocket for your book. While the price for it is quite steep, you get a statement bag that’s unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. The added bonus – it is made by a very cool Moldovan lady who I keep hearing and reading wonderful things about. I’ll be starstruck when I meet her one day, she’s that cool!

Personally, I’ve been wanting a Bookletta for ages, but I don’t let hubby get me one – I’m way too frugal for that and I change my bags often. This being said, I’d accept a Bookletta as a gift gladly. I’ll said it again: GLADLY!

Christmas Bookworm Card

gribook: Christmas Cards

You need a card to go with your gift, right? I can help with that, too.
I made a few bookish cards for Gribook Accessories, to make sure you wish your bookworm friend exactly what they’re hoping for.

Christmas Cards HERE

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Do you have any other Christmas Gift ideas for Bookworms? 

Disclaimer: My shameless promotion of Gribook Accessories products is due to the fact that we make it with love and care for bookworms like us and I am absolutely proud of that. I receive no profit out of promoting the other mention products or sellers, but I like them and think you should know about them, too. 


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