International Giveaway


I have promised way back that the first giveaway of 2014 will be for my international readers and friends. Besides, I feel somewhat guilty for not having written anything here for a while and a giveaway will ease my conscious and (hopefully) make you like me again.

So here it is! The giveaway.

You can win a Gribook Accessories Book Sleeve and matching Bookmark. Elegant shade of blue, with graceful flowery details – it’s a pretty one! Actually, there’s two pretties.


— Congrats, Nikolino Kosta! —

How do you enter the giveaway?

1. Like this article

2. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite article on is and why

3. Like that article, too

Easy enough if you’ve been following my blog! If not, you can always scroll back and read a bunch of articles. Wait, am I giving you ideas on how to cheat?

Some of the rules:

– you need to be living outside of Moldova

– you need to give a valid e-mail address

– you need to give me your shipping address in case you win

– you can enter the giveaway until Sunday, March 2nd

– the winner will be selected randomly

– the winner will be announced on Monday, March 3rd


Looking forward to reading your comments!


7 thoughts on “International Giveaway

  1. My favorite article is,
    “Reader, I Married Him”. 🙂
    First, you engaged me with that article starting by the title till the picture you attached there.
    Second, you suggested books on marriage and relationships…and believe me…that genre is my favorite ^_^ I read a lot on marriage and relationships even though I’m not dating or married 😀
    Third, I can read and see your excitement in each sentence in that article.
    Lastly, I LOVE this Book Sleeve and Bookmark you’re giving away :’)
    I love many other articles you published, such as,
    -“How I Read Fifty Books a Year”, it helped me to read more and it was as a ‘challenge reading article ‘ to me.
    -Merry Christmas, Merry Reading!
    -Should You Get a Kindle? Pt. I & II, => Yes, I’m reading sometimes through my kindle application. It helps me to read more and is more comfortable while I travel by tram, or when the light is off when my roommate is sleeping 😀 If you had not tell us about the benefits by reading with kindle I think I would not manage to read 50-60 books per year.
    -Books I’m Grateful For.
    -The $100 Book Splurge….Last weekend I was in a book store and this article came in my mind….I was thinking what books I would buy if I would have $100.
    So, as you see I have a spiritual connection with your articles.
    Thank you!


    1. Nikolino – you are too sweet!
      Reader, I Married Him is one of my fav articles, too – for obvious reasons 🙂 Thank you for the comment and for always being so encouraging and supportive!


  2. I’ve decided to take part also :). I can never have enough of Gribooks!

    So my favorite article in your blog so far in this one – with our shared experience in the library. I just have really good memories from that moment, and that is a testimony of how inspiration is born, and just being around together was so much fun!!!
    Although I always love reading your blog, you have a natural talent to engage the reader!


    1. hey beauty! That’s an article loaded with memories for me, too. Especially because it’s one of the few times I took photos of people, and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks,girlie.
      Will be sending a little something your way soon!


  3. I haven’t read your entire blog (yet), but my favorite one so far is A bookworm how doesn’t read. seriously. I was recognizing myself in every other sentence. it does feel pathetic, when you don’t seem to have enough time for what you love.

    I rarely leave the house without my kindle, and if it dies – there’s a kindle app on my phone. There’s a reading challenge on goodreads I set up for myself and there’s a list of books I genuinely wanna read. but once I noticed that I only read when I’m taking the tram or the train around the city, when I have absolutely nothing else to do except stare out the window and check the time. I tried to force myself to read, started several different books, and still couldn’t really find time for it. ’cause the books on my list were not the ones I really had the heart for.
    it only took a book that corresponded to my state of mind to turn me into a bookworm again, swallowing page by page and prioritizing reading over other entertainment) those hit and miss books are good for understanding who we are and what we need, and we don’t have to finish every book we start.


  4. Thank you Nikolino, Anna and Ira for taking part – so enjoyed reading your comments!

    And the decided that the winner is… #1
    Nikolino Kosta



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