Gribook Accessories Spring 2014

Presenting: Springishness Collection! Book Sleeves full of feminine and subtle pastels, flowers and pure gorgeousness. We were inspired by the subtle, budding beauty of spring and it’s culours: green, soft pink and light blues.

Also, let me introduce you to our model March, who is an inspiration: feminine, gentle, yet smart and courageous. We named one of the Book Sleeve in the honour of this beautiful lady, and we are thrilled to work with her.

You can find this collection on the Gribook Accessories FB Page:

Without further ado: Springishness!

Dream bigger dreams this spring.
{Book Sleeve April}

A pastel dream.
{Book Sleeve April}

Read fresh books, dream fresh dreams.
{Book Sleeve April}

Live in a world full of laughs and colours!
{Book Sleeve May}

Find two minute every day: to read a few lines and to smell a few flowers.
{Book Sleeve May}

In a gentle way, you can change the world.
{Book Sleeve May}

A book (and a Book Sleeve) that takes your breath away!
{Book Sleeve Spring}

Every book is a new world.
{Book Sleeve Spring}

A good book can put a smile on your face, a tear down your cheek and a warmth in your soul – all in one paragraph.
{Book Sleeve Breeze}

Reading a book is like looking into a whole new world.

{Book Sleeve Breeze}

A woman who reads is beautiful inside and out.
{Book Sleeve March}

Get inspired by a book!
{Book Sleeve March}

Some of these Book Sleeves are still available, and you can find them on our Facebook Page here:


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