Gribook Accessories Summer 2014 launching a new Gribook Accessories collection, I always have mixed feelings: I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Let me tell you more about it.

Most of you don’t know, but we usually start working on a collection more than a month before we launch it.

It starts with fabric shopping – that’s a job I enjoy thoroughly. I go looking for fabric that expresses that season best (say summer), that are diverse enough so that everyone finds a favourite one, but that also have an underlying theme that connects them. Sometimes it takes more than one visit, and sometimes I take a ton of pictures, so I can make the decision later, when I’m not overwhelmed with all the patterns. Besides the outside fabric, I need to pick inside fabric to match, then buttons. This is not as easy as it may seems. Matching buttons can take hours, I tell you. But the thrill of finding just the right one makes it worth it.

Then I send the fabric to sewing. This part is quite difficult too, because the fabrics can be very different and sewing them in a way that looks good takes skill. When they’re ready, it’s time to take photos of them. We usually pick 5-6 models that we launch the collection with, but we keep 5-6 up our sleeve, to post throughout the season. So if you’re looking at what’s available and can’t find your perfect Book Sleeve, no worries: there will be more.

The photo session part is easily my favourite.  Dana from DLR Photography is our chief photographer, who has a great eye for capturing beauty, laughter and joy. Another thing that I just have to say: we have the prettiest models! Our last photo sessions have been done by Dana and March and they have exceeded all of my expectations. Quite frankly, I only give some small suggestions about concepts to the girls, and they make wonders with it. March has a one-million-dollar-smile and Dana can capture one beautifully – no wonder they make such a great team and capture the very spirit of Gribook Accessories  so well!

When the photos are ready, we’re pretty much ready to launch. I have a habit of teasing our dear Gribookers with sneak pics a couple of days in advance, but not too long. Then, our collection is posted on our Facebook Page!

This is where the excitement/nervousness comes in: I can’t wait to share our new beauties with the world, yet I’m curious to know if they like them. Until now, our Collections have been a hit, and we’ve received and overwhelming amount of appreciation. For this, I’m grateful to you all!

Another little thing you need to know is that with every collection, we make a set of cards to go with it. With every purchase, we give out customers one of these cards and my, how it puts a smile on their faces!

Now that I’ve given you a glimpse into Gribook Accessories, let me present our newest collection: Summertime!

With this collection, I looked for the essence of summer: vibrant colours, bold flowers and plenty of fun. You’ll see red, pink and orange, tempered by blue and purple. Don’t tell anyone, but we even have a yellow Book Sleeve coming, too!

For the photo session, we wanted to show you how a summer day in the city can be just as relaxing and exotic, if you have a good book with you and one of our pretty Book Sleeves. That’s the beauty of books: they take you on all sorts of adventures!

What’s left to say? Enjoy!

You can find all Book Sleeves here:

Let this summer be full of laughter.
{Book Sleeve Indigo}

Enjoy the beauty of flowers, and the pages of a good book. {Book Sleeve Indigo}

Find a pretty spot in the shade and read on.
{Book Sleeve Rouge}

Let a good book put a smile on your face.
{Book Sleeve Rouge}

Your summer essentials: big bag, floral hat and a book. {Book Sleeve Dusk}

Carry a book with you, and you’ll never live a dull moment. {Book Sleeve Dusk}

A relaxing book and a refreshing drink – perfect summer afternoon.

{Book Sleeve Marigold}

Cover your book in sunshine.
{Book Sleeve Marigold}

Live the life of your dreams, and then write a book about it. {Book Sleeve Moonlight} Starting a new book is embarking on a new adventure. {Book Sleeve Moonlight}

All the Book Sleeves from the Summertime collections are available on our FB Page:



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