Gribook Accessories: Allfun Video

Gribook AccessoriesOne of the best things about Gribook Accessories is that it allows me to meet incredibly interesting people, who are passionate about what they do and have a story to tell.

Natta from Allfun is one such person. Not only did she convince me to do a video for Gribook Accessories, but she also became a friend. And while I’m so thrilled with how the Allfun team made the video, I’m even more grateful for the friendship with Natta.

Gribook Accessories
I do want to show you the video, though. Because this was my first such experience, and because instead of me being a ball of nerves and very obviously so, I had a blast. Partly because of Natta’s very professional team, and partly because I was surrounded by a fun bunch of young people, who did an awesome job. Maybe the fact that I’m a huge fan of everything we make with Gribook Accessories kinda helped, too.

Gribook Accessories
You can view the video, in Romanian:

ALLFUN.MD Gribook Accessories video

Enjoy! And sorry there’s no English. Next time – when BBC asks – we’ll have an English video, too!

P.S. All photo credits go to and here’s my favourite picture of my friend Anna. Another friend who’s grown especially dear.

Gribook Accessories


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