Gribook Accessories Winter 2014 this might be a bit late, I thought I’ll share with you some of the beautiful collections of Book Sleeves we have made for Gribook Accessories so far. I know I should’ve done this sooner, but prepare to see our Winter, Spring and Summer Collections in the following posts. Why? Because they’re lovely and loveliness needs to be shared!

First one up, presenting to you: Winter Blues Collection! Our blues are of a different kind: they’re fun, colourful and very, very pretty. You can also see it here:

Keep warm, dear bookworms … and keep your book warm, too.
{Book Sleeve Frost}

While you wait for the snow, you might as well read a good book.
{Book Sleeve Frost}

Flowers and colours in winter? Yes, please!
{Book Sleeve Joy}

Beautiful things go together.
{Book Sleeve Joy}

With a good book, even summer seems to come sooner.
{Book Sleeve Jasmine}

Reading with a dash – well, more than a dash – of colour.
{Book Sleeve Jasmine}

Wherever you go – take a book with you.
{Book Sleeve Violets}

This vibrant sleeve is here to remind you that winter is halfway over and spring is coming soon. {Book Sleeve Violets}

A book is a trusted companion on a long winter night.
{Book Sleeve Crystal}

Cosy up and read.
{Book Sleeve Crystal}

Unfortunately, all of these are sold out. But you can still find our Book Sleeves on our Facebook Page here:


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