The English Book Club: Book #2

The English Book Club is now reading To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee and very much enjoying it.
But we’re already deciding on our next title, and this post is here to help.

We have 5 Nominees, all in the YA category and all Bestsellers in their own right.
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Esther’s Top Five Book Picks


Meet Esther Beeke. A 21-year-old bookworm, bookkeeper, book recommender, and book giver. Her parents are authors. Her favorite things are words that make her literally catch her breath, her fiancé, a sky full of beauty, and dill pickles. Esther works in a bookshop, which is why I envied her in a most positive way from the first time I met her, and who accepted my invitation to share her top 5 book picks. Enjoy!

Of making many books there is no end. Ecclesiastes 12:12

I have a feeling that the only people who really comprehend that Bible verse are the ones who work in the bookstores. Books have a way of multiplying, filling up shelves a whole lot more quickly than you think they would. It’s always astounded me how many different words can be printed about a topic, how many ways a thought can be phrased, how many authors have something new to say, how many books come in and go out, how many people are passionate about reading.

Which brings me to why I love my job. After close to 10 years of working at a bookstore, it’s still fun to find the perfect book for a passionate bookworm. Here are my top five books:
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Find English Books in Chisinau

This post is for a particular type of bookworm.

A bookworm who lives in Chisinau, speaks Romanian and/or Russian, but reads mostly – if not exclusively – in English. This pretty much describes the bunch who came to The English Book Club. I will write more on that later.

One of the things we discussed at our bookish get together was where to find books in English, in Chisinau. Here’s what we came up with:

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