Gribook Accessories: Closing Chapter

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Gribook Accessories is closing shop. Again.

My husband Igor and I are moving to Seoul, South Korea.

My husband has accepted a job there, and I will be the tag-along wife, at least for a while. Seoul is where Igor went to University, so this will be a chance to experience the city I’ve heard so much about. We’re not planning on settling there for good, although we don’t necessarily know how long we’ll be there for, either. We’re trusting God to lead.

Excited as we are about the move, this also means that we will have to put Gribook Accessories on hold. Along with leaving family and dear friends behind, this is one of the reasons why it’ll be hard to leave Moldova.

Especially after such a tremendously blessed year! Beware, I’m going to ramble on about the Gribook story for a few paragraphs. Feel free to skip to the THANK YOU part!

We’ve never set out to start a business. All we wanted was to bring bookish accessories to Moldova, to make pretty and useful things for bookworms and have fun while at it. It was an experiment, one we embarked on with enthusiasm, despite the unknowns.

Now, almost 3 years later – including our one year break, when we were in Lithuania – I look back and I’m immensely grateful. For the opportunity to make something beautiful happen, and for the incredible people I’ve met along the way.

The core Gribook values have always been: joy, kindness and generosity. I will write another post about this later. Now I have a bunch of incredible people to thank.


Olga, Cristina, Diana and Tatiana – the ladies who are responsible for the magic at the sewing machine. Without your skills and hard work, Gribook would not have happened.

Daniela – her photography has breathed life into our products, and she managed to get us to “ooh” and “aah” with every collection.

Marcela – who was not only our gorgeous model for two seasons: Spring and Summer, but also an inspiration and a great encouragement.

Anna  – I couldn’t have asked for a better PR Manager, someone who supported and believed in Gribook through thick and thin. Anna and Heidi were also partly responsible for my dream coming true: we now have an English Book Club in Chisinau!

Natta – the best video coach ever, a girl who’s courage and passion for her work I admire.

Tina, Nina, Nadin, Diana, Lena – our stunning models, who were the lovely face of Gribook.

So many others, including:

Anna from the Salon Anna Cozonac, Iuliana Mamaliga from Allfun,  Diana Cojocari from Prime TVNadya Glo from Tucano Coffee, Nadia Darie and Ellene Mocrii from, the wonderful TEKEDU team and The Friday Craft Market, Rusanda Cojocaru from Bookleta, Doina Popov and Svetlana Postolachi from Fashionguide.mdAna Efros and Daniela Focsa from Radio Moldova Tineret, Cristina Burlacu from Publika TV, Ion Bargan from, Inesa Lupu and Ana Mirza from Diamond ChallengeOlya Novacovsky who’s an Instagram star and who did some Insta Photography for us. Tania Morari for being such a support. The bunch who helped us by being part of video interviews: Rodica, Nicu, Laura, Ruxanda, Ilinca, Madalina, Cristian – thank you!

I told you, I got to meet a lot of inspiring people!

For every single one of you who supported Gribook in small and big ways – THANK YOU.

I will continue to read and blog here. The most likely place for you to find my bookish updates will be:

Gribook Creative



Keep in touch!


5 thoughts on “Gribook Accessories: Closing Chapter

  1. I don’t even deserve to be mentioned here, but it wasn’t hard at all to fall in love with Gribooks and the people backstage.

    Good luck and hugs!


  2. Dear Elena,
    Tnx for all the amazing &colorfull things i’ve got from you and..for those long discussions about everything :). We’ll wait for you.. Until then, we wish you good luck and a lot of inspiration


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