Board Games for Bookworms

gribook: board gamesBookworms like to have fun. We do, right?

Our fondness for books usually means we’re passionate about the written word or comfortable with words. Most of the time, it’s both. This is why some of the best board and card games for bookworms are Word Games.

Here’s 4 of my personal favorites.

gribook: slam!Slam!
Easy game. You start with one 4 letter word, then keep changing the word by changing one letter at a time. For example: LOVE -> DOVE -> DOTE -> DATE -> FATE -> …  You win if you are the first one to finish your cards.

This is fun and quick. I like the fact that it’s a card game: it’s easy to take with you when you travel and play pretty much anywhere, anytime. It can get boring pretty quickly though, especially for advanced players.

Slam! Video Tutorial 

gribook: quiddlerQuiddler
Easy game. Another card game, but slightly more complex: you get a set of cards with a letter and a number of points on each card. You can check out the rules in the video tutorial, but what I like best about this game is that you can play it many different ways, with various degrees of complexity, depending on who you’re playing with.

When I play it with kids who are learning English, I simply let them form words with whatever cards they have in their hand and give them one point/card. It’s fun! When I play with more advanced students, I stick to the rules. It’s up to you!

Quiddler Video Tutorial 

gribook: scrabbleScrabble
Medium level. This is a board game classic, where you have to form words on a board with letters that you get out of a bag. This is a terrible explanation. Sorry! How about you check out the video tutorial?

I like Scrabble because I’m good at it. Most of the time. Generally, I say that I’m not competitive when I play Scrabble, I just win.

Scrabble Video Tutorial

gribook: apples to applesApples to Apples
Advanced level. I have only played this once, but I really liked it. It’s a game of wacky word associations and nerdy comparisons.

Apples to Apples Video Tutorial

As a last thought, I’ll mention the game Liebrary. My friend Anna has played and loved it, so it went on my bookworm bucket list immediately. It sound like a fun one, especially for those who appreciate classics.

I’m sure there’s many other board and card games.
What others do you know? 

Disclaimer: None of the video tutorials are made by me. I’m not responsible for their content but I am grateful to the people who made them.


2 thoughts on “Board Games for Bookworms

    1. I’d really like to! We don’t own a set, so we’ll have to check out the Board Game cafe in Hongdae. We actually have a few other games we really want to play with you and Alina sometime – like Loot! You’re gonna like it.

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