My 2017 To-Read List


I care very little about New Year’s resolutions.

I care a whole lot about my to-read list for the year, though!

Last year, I completed my Reading Challenge and read 62 books. This year, I am aiming for 65 books. Here are 5 books I’m excited about reading in the coming year.

(This year, only a few made this list. I will explain why a little later.)

shereadstruth She Reads Truth, Raechel Myers
I’ve been following @shereadstruth on Instagram for ages! They post beautiful graphics: encouraging reminders of God’s truth. If you don’t yet, you should go ahead and follow them.

Why is this book on the list? I’ve been a believer for many years now and in time, I started getting a bit too complacent when it came to studying and cherishing the Bible. Last year I started falling in love with God’s Word all over again. To support me on this journey, my friend Anna gave me this book for my birthday. I’m excited about reading it and even more excited about rediscovering God’s Word and giving it the place of authority it deserves in my heart, mind and life.

revolutionaryparenting Revolutionary Parenting, George Barna
I am still at it, reading books on parenting, as I was told (ordered) to do by my friend Taniusha. This one was given to me by my friend Nancy, who is one the best mothers I know. To illustrate this point: all her three daughters grew up loving to read and are adorable bookworms to this day. Enough said.

ragamuffingospel The Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning
A little less than a year ago, my friend Rona and I were having lunch in Paju Book City. While we were waiting for our food, she took out a book by one of her favorite authors and started reading from it out loud. It was Brennan Manning and it was beautiful. Honest, raw and yet full of an unusual awareness of God’s grace – this describes Rona as well as Manning’s writing. So with the risk of sounding cheesy, I know I’ll be missing my dear friend as I read this one.

every-good-endeavor Every Good Endeavor, Tim Keller
We got this book two years ago, when it was recommended by our Pastor. Both hubs and I were intrigued by the concepts of how our jobs and our beliefs tie in together.
Why did I finally decide to read it? Because I liked the two other books I read by Tim Keller and because my friend Anna put it on her top 5 books she read in 2016. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

lovetalk Love Talk, Les and Leslie Parrott
There is always something to learn about marriage and doing it well.

The Parrotts have been recommended by my sister Victoria. She attended a training with them in the US and she’s one of the few certified facilitators in Europe, with their SYMBIS Assessment. If you’re newly engaged or married, I would recommend you contact her and take the assessment. It’s especially helpful for international couples and we know a lot of those lately! (I’m pretty sure Nancy gave me this one, too!)

QUITE THE LIST! What I like about it most is that every book was either recommended or given to me by a dear friend. Even though we live thousands of miles away from each other, books keep bringing us together and blessing us!

Grateful for you, my dear Anna in Belarus, Rona in South Korea, Nancy in the United States,  and Victoria in Amsterdam!

DISCLAIMER: I am not actually recommending these books. Not because they are not good, but because I have not read them myself yet. I did choose them carefully, in the hope that I’ll enjoy and learn from them, but I might be wrong (shocking, indeed). If you happen to read and like them too, all the better!

LET ME EXPLAIN: why do I only have 5 books on this list, when I usually have 7-10 every year? (Previous years: TRL 2016, TRL 2015, TRL 2013, TRL 2012)

Because I have at least 5 more of my all-time favorite titles that I want to re-read in 2017. That’s right. I have a to-re-read list that I’m quite excited about! I will post it on the blog next week and do make sure you check it out, because it is going to be a really, really good one!

Any books you’re excited about in 2017? Do tell!


4 thoughts on “My 2017 To-Read List

  1. Oh what a list! Love it. And please to share how you find these books i am interested in all of them.
    My best read i’ve actually started in 2017 (the first book of the year) is The Hobbit – the one i was dreaming about for years. And i take so much pleasure spending time with it.


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