Books To-Reread in 2017


Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are” is true enough, but I’d know you better if you told me what you reread.
~ François Mauriac

This phrase stuck with me. Made me ask what books I read. Not many, turns out. I do have my excuses: I’m still young and I want to read as many books as possible, not waste time on something I already read.

Lately though, I’m drawn to old favorites. I noticed I keep quoting and referring to them, so they obviously made quite the impact on me.  It is time for a refresher and I have high expectations reading them the second time around.

merechristianityMere Christianity, C.S.Lewis

It’s no secret that I think very highly of C.S.Lewis. The depth of his thoughts and understanding of faith and life – coupled with beautiful writing – is unparalleled. He is able to express a complex thought in a simple phrase, in a way that both academics and amateurs understand and appreciate.

No wonder he is so often quoted. I posted 15 of my favorite C.S.Lewis quotes a while back, make sure you have a look. This is also one of the BOOKS I’M GRATEFUL FOR.

whatssoamazingaboutgraceWhat’s So Amazing About Grace, Philip Yancey

This was not an easy book to read. It challenged the way I saw faith, grace, forgiveness and it didn’t leave me unchanged. I remember that halfway through the book I thought to myself: “now I read this, I cannot go back, I can’t pretend I don’t know”. After reading it though, you are a little more compassionate, more kind, more forgiving human being and that says a lot about it.

So I’m not recommending it as an easy-read, but I am recommending it as a life-changing one.

Another one of the BOOKS I’M GRATEFUL FOR.

listeningtoothersListening to Others, Joyce Huggett

When I first read this book, it was for a leadership program. Most leaders focus on learning to speak well and be persuasive. Few realize how important it is for a leader to know how to listen well. Joyce Huggett talks about listening as a way to love, a way to serve and a way to lead. I’ve used it to help counsel people and to train leaders and it’s one I need to get back to.

In 2011, it was THE BEST BOOK I READ LAST YEAR – check out what I wrote about it back then.

ashorthistoryofnearlyeverythingA Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson

The first 3 titles are written by Christian authors, on matters of Christian living. This one couldn’t be more different. A book on popular science, written by Bill Bryson, who is one of the most hilarious writers out there. What you get is a fascinating and highly entertaining read. I also found that it gave me a fresh sense of awe for the way God created the world we live in, with its unfathomable greatness and complexity.

themysteriousislandThe Mysterious Island, Jules Verne

The only novel and the oldest read on this list.
I was a huge Jules Verne fan growing up, reading everything I can get my hands on with his name on it. I mentioned him in THE BOOKS I GREW UP WITH.

I’m curious if I will still appreciate a book I read last as a teenager, and excited about reading it in English for the first time, because I only read it in Romanian before.

thecreativecallThe Creative Call, Janice Elsheimer

I will be reading this book for the third time.
The winter of 2012, when I first read it, it got me to try book photography and design. Both of these have grown and developed in ways I never planned or expected. I then read it together with a group of friends, encouraging each other in our creativity.

I bought a couple of copies as gifts, and I’ve recommended it to every creative I met. Why? Because it offers the perfect nudge to starting to nurture the creativity in every single one of us, whether it is writing, music, gardening, cooking or anything else that makes you come alive.

I wrote a little bit about it in my ON CREATIVITY post, do check it out.

onethousandgiftsOne Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp

Another book I wrote about back in 2013 – read my review here –  and an often quoted gem. I made a few graphics with my favorite quotes from the book: Ann Voskamp Quotes.

I got it as a gift and I bought many copies of it for friends. It is one of those books, that is beautifully written and it speaks life, and gratitude and joy into the mundane, the ordinary.

End of list!

These are the books I am planning to give another read, plus I still have MY 2017 TO-READ LIST. As far as reading challenges for the year go, I’m all set!

Again, I heartily recommend each and every single one of these books. If you read any, do let me know how you liked it!

What are the books you have reread?


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