on me

Hi there.

My name’s Elena and I’m so very thrilled that you stopped by.

You’re probably either a friend or a bookworm. In both cases: you are welcome to Gribook!

I read (and write) mostly Christian titles: both fiction and spiritual growth/lifestyle. Some of my favourites are C. S. Lewis, Philip Yancey, John Ortberg and Francine Rivers. My reads include quite a few classics and bestsellers, too. Favourites here would include: Malcolm Gladwell, Alexander McCall Smith, Bill Bryson and Agatha Christie. I’m an eclectic kind of reader, and Gribook reflects this.

Besides books, I’m  head over heels in love with my husband and enthusiastic about creativity, leadership, geeky-ness and all things pretty.

I’m from Moldova, Europe – but my husband and I have a habit of changing countries every now and then. So far I lived in the United Kingdom, Lithuania and South Korea.

In the hope that you will enjoy my ramblings on the books I read and my bookish life: READ ON!

Do also visit Gribook Accessories, where a few friends and I make and sell all sorts of fun accessories for bookworms: http://facebook.com/gribooks

You can also find me on:

INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/eputina

FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/GribookCreative

TWITTER http://twitter.com/gribi


30 thoughts on “on me

  1. Hi Elena

    What a great surprise to get in touch with you via your passion 🙂

    I do also LOVE books and Coldplay 🙂

    Will be reading you from times to times.

    Good luck, bookworm


    PS We met in Latvia.


    1. Hey Assel,

      thanks for the reminder, but I remember meeting you in Riga. The room would lit up when you’d come in, so remembering you was easy 🙂

      thanks for stopping by and maybe you can share about your passion for books and coldplay in a guest post on gribook sometime 🙂 you’d be welcome!


  2. Costel, tu in loc sa observi cu ce excelenta vorbeste si scrie Lena Engleza, nefiind nascuta in GB sau USA, ai aruncat o critica care se lipeste in contextul dat ca nuca de perete. Lena e o personalitate internationala, ca sa fie inteleasa de toti prietenii ei, care sunt imprastiati pe toata fata pamintului ea a ales limba engleza…si terminati-o cu nationalismul asta prostesc…sa fi avut posibilitatea toti erati peste hotare deja si vorbeati si scriati in alta limba! Istoria a aratat o data si a aratat-o foarte clar ca nationalismul e un lucru RAU!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raul, thank you very much!
      It means a lot that people enjoy reading it – because I enjoy writing it 🙂 It’s been an awesome experience so far, and yes, I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the future.
      Many blessings to you, too.


  3. Elena, I love your blog! It looks like you have been also getting really creative with all of the ipad covers. I hope to see you this summer in Chisinau?


    1. thank you, Ingrid! Yes, I’ve teamed up with a few very creative friends, and the results are adorable 🙂 I hope to see you, too – it’d be fun to catch up, us married women 😉


  4. This is Daniel, and my real name is jae seok.
    I am writing from Korea, a far far country in Asia. Your blog is impressing to me.


    1. hey Daniel.
      how nice of you to leave this comment – thanks!
      I know South Korea, my husband studied there and often speaks of it well 🙂 We hope to be traveling there together someday.


  5. hello Elena,

    recently l got a gift from my friend, she knows l love to read, l read everywhere l can, in the bus on the way to work, while eating and traveling…l must to tell you it’s a problem :))) so l got a present, it was a cover for book, handmade by Elena & Co 😉 now… l am readind lot more just becouse l adore the cover. thank you! just don’t stop making that.


  6. Hi Elena,

    So happy to have met you via instagram – I can’t wait to follow along on your blog now too. You’ve got some really great insight and taste in books I can already see 🙂

    Best wishes!

    Emily (@annebirdsings)


  7. Hello, Elena!
    I am Alexander, the author of the novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness”. We met at JCI Business Networking Day not so long ago.
    I have started selling my books. They are already available on
    I plan to do the book launch event next week.
    So, would you like to join the event and offer GriBook as a nice addition to my books? 🙂
    Respectfully Yours,


  8. Hi Elena,
    I met your very special sister, Victoria, in Lithuania in 2012. She gave me one of your beautiful bookmarks then, which I have kept in my Bible ever since. Now she sent me a wonderful Gribook book sleeve for Christmas. Thank you to both of you!
    Your blog is very impressive in every way. I see that you love Agatha Christie. I do too. Have you read Dorothy Sayers’ murder mysteries, featuring Lord Peter Wimsey? Sayers lived in Oxford at the time if C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Charles Williams. If you’re interested, be sure to read her mysteries in chronological order as most of them follow a storyline from one book to the next.
    Blessings on you and Igor in Korea!
    Linda Solie
    Minneapolis, Minnesota


    1. Hello Linda! What a joy to get your message – I have heard so much about you! Thank YOU for being such a mentor and friend to my sister. Whoever blesses her, blesses me!
      Thank you for the recommendation, too. I have not hear of Dorothy Sayers, but I will certainly look her up. What book should I start with?
      Nice to meet you (if only online for now) and keep in touch!
      ~ Elena


  9. Hi Elena,

    I don’t know if you remember me, but I was your sister’s roommate from the US. I did not know you had a blog and on books! Pray that all is well!



    1. Christina, I do remember you! How are you? Are you graduating this year? Still a history fan? Thanks for stopping by – so nice to hear from you!

      blessings to you, too!


      1. I am well, living in Boston. I am still a history fan and graduated this past May. I was pursuing my masters, but I am transferring out of my current program. How are you?


      2. I am well, thanks! My husband and have moved to Seoul for a while, but I am really excited about visiting Europe in Spring, for my sister’s wedding! Missing the people of LCC 🙂


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