2015 Reading Challenge Completed


It’s that time of the year … when I celebrate completing my 2015 Reading Challenge!

I read 65 books this past year. Some were wonderful, some others – not quite what I expected. Some I read to grow wiser and some were read for a laugh or to wind down. Some were read together with a book club and some simply because I got them for free.  Many of these books were read on the Seoul subway, and a few I read in bookshops – both a first!

Here’s the complete list, with links and ratings – entirely subjective – only reflecting my own personal opinion, with 5 meaning “excellent”.

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20 Perks of Being Married to a Bookworm

putinas: gribookOne of the things I love about my husband most is that he’s a bookworm, just like me.  If you’re a fellow reader, you’ll know that there are certain benefits to having a spouse who shares your passion. I have identified 20 of these perks, from a bookworm wife perspective.
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